Flagstaff Open Space Stewards

Stewardship Guidebook


Hello and welcome to the Open Space Stewardship Program! Thank you for supporting some of the most beautiful natural areas in Flagstaff. The goal of this guidebook is to provide you with all of the information you need to be a successful Steward.

Position Description

Title: Open Space Steward


The responsibilities of an Open Space Steward include submitting Open Space land use concerns, participating in Open Space Stewardship events, and reporting rules and regulations violations. An Open Space Steward is required to provide at least 20 hours of service per calendar year. The position involves hiking on uneven surfaces and trails of varying elevation gain. Service projects may involve lifting and other more strenuous activities. Stewards act as representatives of the City of Flagstaff Open Space Program and engage with the public when appropriate.

Purpose/ objective:

  • Record property management needs that are submitted to the OSP for review. 

  • Complete small management projects to maintain OS in excellent condition.

  • Provide onsite presence at OS properties to encourage acceptable use, discourage harmful use, and provide site educational information to users on the OSP and nature.

Location: Picture Canyon, Observatory Mesa, McMillan Mesa Natural Area, and Schultz Creek Natural Area

Key responsibilities:

  • Report the condition of trails, signs, fences, parking lots, and roads.

  • Report the presence of vandalism, trash, and invasive weed species.

  • Participate in scheduled Stewardship events.

  • Engage with the pubic when applicable.

Training/ support provided:

  • Annual training

  • Online training documents

  • Stewardship supervisor support

Stewardship supervisor and contact information:

Contact Leila Husain, Open Space Events and Outreach VISTA at Leila.husain@flagstafaz.gov or 928.213.2155.


Training Materials




Plant Species (native, invasive, and rare)

Natural History of Northern Arizona

Cultural History of Northern Arizona

Interpretation and Public Engagement